What do your favorite movies have to say about you?

There are so many questions out there to reflect ourselves. What we love has a lot to say about who we are at any given moment and sometimes even about the person who we want to be. Having read many of them I was positively surprised to find the question of “What are your favorite movies” in John P. Strelecky’s book “How to be rich and happy”. Ever since I read this question it has been coming up again and again. The answer has a lot to say about the person who I have been, still are and maybe will keep on being.

I love movies that tell deep emotional stories about loss and letting go.


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What really makes me angry about the world?

Just reading this question I could feel my pulse going up, heat flaring through my body and my thoughts getting really emotional. I could hear myself rant to myself loud and full of passion. What makes me angry about the world? Really? You really want to know? Are you sure you can take this? Okay, okay … you asked for it.

I am really angry about systems that objectify people.

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How it started and beyond

It all started with a final nudge in my inbox.


It’s not that I haven’t had many prompts to start writing a blog. Molood, one of my best friends, has told me to do it over and over and over again.

In my case Scott Dinsmore is right saying that the best opportunity to start a blog is long gone and the second best is to start it now. Having missed the best opportunity I am now going with the second best.

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