What revolution will you lead?

In John P. Strelecky’s book “The Why Café” the protagonist John formulates a thought about how once you know your purpose for existence, the reason why you are here, it should be easy to follow. He finishes his thought by stating that when we are confronted with the choice it is harder to follow through than we might have expected. This is the crossroad I am standing at right now. I can choose to go on as before, ignoring or even suppress what I have learned. At the moment this seems to be the easier option. Yes, it comes at a high cost – to feel empty, to question oneself and one’s life – at the same time it is comfortable, known, secure. You know the deal, you have had it before, you managed, you could take it. Opting for my why promises to feel fulfilled, to have a sense of purpose and a clear sense of why you are doing what you are doing. It has a high cost, too.

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What difference do you want to make?

Imagine a time in which every person loves what he or she does every day. They love their work. They get up in the morning full of passion and an eagerness to get started into another amazing day. They all know why they do what they do. Whatever they do they start with asking why and aligning their work, products and services to the answer. Every bump in the road is taken as a challenge and a chance to grow. People collect happy moments of growth, connection, meaning and passion every day. Go ahead, close your eyes, see it, feel it, be there and enjoy the moment.

How did it feel? Would you love living in such a world? Would you love to get up every day full of energy to start into a new day of personal endeavors aligned with your own purpose of existence? I definitely would!

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What’s your everyday elevator pitch?

Did you cringe reading this question or did you start smiling already knowing what your answer would be? I have and still belong to the first group of people. The question “What do you do?” regularly leads to stammering, blushing and a feeling of inadequacy on my side. What exactly am I supposed to say? Do they want to know what I have been doing lately for earning money? Or how my last engagement for social projects is going? Or how I am coming along with my side business of giving workshops? Or do they mean something totally different, like “Who are you?” Do you know this? How has your experience with this situation been?

To stop repeating this experience over and over again I picked up the habit of answering with “I am collecting moments of happiness” in the beginning of this year. It was an easy way to keep myself from babbling and it usually got us talking about pleasant topics. I enjoyed listening to their answers regarding my question of what makes them happy. All in all it was and is a very nice tool to get out of a very uncomfortable situation. The only problem with it is that I still don’t know what exactly I am doing or more precisely why I am doing so many different things that seem to have no connection.

What am I excited about?

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What really makes me angry about the world?

Just reading this question I could feel my pulse going up, heat flaring through my body and my thoughts getting really emotional. I could hear myself rant to myself loud and full of passion. What makes me angry about the world? Really? You really want to know? Are you sure you can take this? Okay, okay … you asked for it.

I am really angry about systems that objectify people.

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