Are you being seen?

“As our second participant of today’s interview we are honored to welcome Andreas Heinecke,” the moderator announced. An elderly man around sixty walked on stage. He walked slowly and steadily towards his chair. Keeping his head down he sat on his chair while the moderator went on to introduce three more people. Andreas Heinecke, the name seemed distantly familiar and yet I didn’t recognize the person sitting up there almost vanishing between the other four people. Who was he and why had he been invited to speak about social entrepreneurship?

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What are the boundaries for normal?

Imagine you have the task to nominate one of your acquaintances as a “normal” person. Take your time. Go through all the people you have met or seen somewhere in your life and still can recall. Envision them in front of your inner eye one by one. Whom would you pick?

It took me a while going through all those faces and memories to eventually face my truth of being unable to fulfill the task. I couldn’t think of a “normal” person in my life. Instead one big question started looming over everything:

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What do your favorite movies have to say about you?

There are so many questions out there to reflect ourselves. What we love has a lot to say about who we are at any given moment and sometimes even about the person who we want to be. Having read many of them I was positively surprised to find the question of “What are your favorite movies” in John P. Strelecky’s book “How to be rich and happy”. Ever since I read this question it has been coming up again and again. The answer has a lot to say about the person who I have been, still are and maybe will keep on being.

I love movies that tell deep emotional stories about loss and letting go.


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