What’s your everyday elevator pitch?

Did you cringe reading this question or did you start smiling already knowing what your answer would be? I have and still belong to the first group of people. The question “What do you do?” regularly leads to stammering, blushing and a feeling of inadequacy on my side. What exactly am I supposed to say? Do they want to know what I have been doing lately for earning money? Or how my last engagement for social projects is going? Or how I am coming along with my side business of giving workshops? Or do they mean something totally different, like “Who are you?” Do you know this? How has your experience with this situation been?

To stop repeating this experience over and over again I picked up the habit of answering with “I am collecting moments of happiness” in the beginning of this year. It was an easy way to keep myself from babbling and it usually got us talking about pleasant topics. I enjoyed listening to their answers regarding my question of what makes them happy. All in all it was and is a very nice tool to get out of a very uncomfortable situation. The only problem with it is that I still don’t know what exactly I am doing or more precisely why I am doing so many different things that seem to have no connection.

What am I excited about?

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I am excited about connection and growth. I love to connect to people, learn and grow. I grow when I contribute my skills and knowledge towards a project beyond myself thereby learning more about myself. Growth in this sense can also be seen as the work to uncover or unfold the best version of one’s self. I love it even more to see people around me go on this journey of unfolding their potential. It makes me ecstatic to see their lights shine brighter.

Why am I excited about it?

Every time we learn about ourselves by uncovering our own light we learn a little more about our own why, our unique contribution to this world. Every person who lives just a little bit more aligned to this why of his life lives a life that is more meaningful to him. This most times leads to more passion and happiness, thereby to more amazing moments and memories. Every person who is happy and shining in his own light has a positive impact on every person and living being around him or her. As Marianne Williamson wrote so fittingly: “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” It is a way to more happiness, connection and love. A journey towards a happier, healthier population living with purpose and collecting moments worthy of remembering.

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What am I building or want to build?

My wish is to facilitate the process of building environments were people are encouraged to find their personal why, contribute their personal skills and knowledge towards a common goal aligned with their personal why and thereby grow as a person and as a community. An environment were play and fun are just as much part of the day as deep connection, appreciation and learning from one’s mistakes. Research has shown that an environment like this can only exist in a system (workplace, education, ….) if the leaders are open for an environment like this and believe firmly in its benefits. Usually they have experienced the positive impact themselves through a time of self-discovery and personal growth. At Impact Leaders we therefor have two main focuses. The first is to invite leaders to experience this kind of wholeness through self-discovery and personal growth. The second is to help leaders who have had such an experience facilitate an environment in which their teams can have this kind of experience. Every single one of these people go home, to their families and communities and take with them these new experiences.

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They are multipliers of this experience just by being their happier, healthier, more passionate selves.

Thank you for sharing your time and attention with me. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this. I would love to here about your why and how I can be of service to help you achieve it in your life.

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