What revolution will you lead?

In John P. Strelecky’s book “The Why Café” the protagonist John formulates a thought about how once you know your purpose for existence, the reason why you are here, it should be easy to follow. He finishes his thought by stating that when we are confronted with the choice it is harder to follow through than we might have expected. This is the crossroad I am standing at right now. I can choose to go on as before, ignoring or even suppress what I have learned. At the moment this seems to be the easier option. Yes, it comes at a high cost – to feel empty, to question oneself and one’s life – at the same time it is comfortable, known, secure. You know the deal, you have had it before, you managed, you could take it. Opting for my why promises to feel fulfilled, to have a sense of purpose and a clear sense of why you are doing what you are doing. It has a high cost, too.

You will go to undiscovered lands, give up hiding and stand out, as well as face your own fears.

Given these odds it is totally understandable if you choose to go on as before. Maybe you come back again at a different time. I have done so before. I have chosen to look into alternatives and collected many experiences in how it can feel to lack a purpose to what you are doing. I was low on energy and even ill on a regular basis. I felt miserable and complained a lot thereby making it a bad journey for everyone around me, too. I tried to change the situation by changing jobs. Due to taking along my old self the experiences repeated. It was in accordance to the well known phenomenon of life lessons repeating themselves until you finally take the hint and learn.

Lessons Learned

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This is my learning moment. This time around I took the hint and listened to Albert Einstein who said that you cannot solve your problems with the same kind of thinking you used when you created them. As my new approach I chose Scott Dinsmore’s hint and did nothing. My favorite activity of doing nothing is to learn about myself. My tool of choice this time around was Simon Sinek’s “Start with why”. The process of investigating gave me a lot clearer sense of my purpose and why. Even though it is not yet a single sentence statement I can frame it in words now. Here it goes:

I believe in the human potential. I believe that given the chance we all develop to become our best selves – people that are connected to themselves and each other, that contribute with their uniqueness to the greater good of all and grow in every aspect through this experience. People living like this are more fulfilled, healthier and happier. Just imagine living in a world in which it is normal to be such a person. Imagine how our everyday life, our interactions, our spirits, our whole being might profit from such an environment? Every single fulfilled, healthy, happy person is a light to everyone around them. They spread their joy, their passion, their love. These people create an amazing life for themselves, their families, their communities, their nations and our mutual world.

Just imagine what kind of world this would be and how it would be to be part of this new world!


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My revolution is to create environments that facilitate this kind of development. I help to create educational and working environments in which people are invited to connect to themselves and each other, where they are invited to contribute to something bigger than themselves and grow. It is uplifting and powerful to watch them create amazing experiences for themselves, collecting amazing moments, in short creating an amazing life to share with the world. My dream is to spread this kind of environment all around the world. My dream is to invite as many people as possible to experience this new kind of environment in which they are seen and appreciated as subjects, as their unique and whole selves.

My dream is to facilitate the creation of environments that adapt to people and help them become their best selves.

My Dream

The first step to making this dream come true, to follow my why and lead this revolution is my work at Impact Leaders. We spread the message in talks and workshops, we coach executives, we do whatever is necessary to bring these environments to reality in companies and educational facilities that work with us. If you believe what we believe please spread the message, feel free to use our material and get in contact. This revolution is bigger than us, we need you and we love to serve you, to make this dream come true.

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