What really makes me angry about the world?

Just reading this question I could feel my pulse going up, heat flaring through my body and my thoughts getting really emotional. I could hear myself rant to myself loud and full of passion. What makes me angry about the world? Really? You really want to know? Are you sure you can take this? Okay, okay … you asked for it.

I am really angry about systems that objectify people.

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Systems that objectify people? Really? What can she mean by that? The systems I am talking about are everywhere, all around you everyday.

  • education systems
  • work systems
  • health systems
  • political systems

They all were invented by people for people and usually they did a pretty good job solving the problem of the day. And then they became a norm. You can spot a norm pretty easily. If anyone is saying:

“This is how we have always done it.”

it usually is a norm. And believe me asking “why” can get you into some trouble. The problem is I love asking “why”. I really love to know and understand, I want to really get it. Why? Because for me this is the best way to change and improve a system.

First you need to understand what the system is for. Why does it exist?

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What is the education system for? Learning? Or to be more specific learning of what? If you want to teach the two ways to get good grades, compliance and cheating, you have the best system in place. If however you would love people to learn how to navigate today’s world and live happy and fulfilled lives than the system sucks big time.

Or take the working system. What is it for? Taking a look at some numbers, 70% of the people in this system live the truth of it being there to pay them money to sustain a living which means to go on working and being payed money. You don’t believe so? You want to live a different truth, a truth were work is more than time exchanged for money? Okay, then you will need to take a new route, one that isn’t restricted by the present working system. A system that still is a likening of a political system from a century ago, hierarchical and with a king / CEO at the top. In our “free” time we expect democracy and connection at eye level. But at our workplace we seemingly still accept a different system.

I could go on ranting about the current systems for hours… so lets stop here and go on to some ideas of how to solve this stuff. So if the system isn’t solving the problems of the day or isn’t producing anything of value anymore,


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then you adapt the system to solve the problem and deliver the wanted service.

I am huge on human centered processes and systems. Why? (Yes, I love why so much it can get annoying ;). ) Because we humans are as we are. We have individual strengths, talents, passions and experiences. We are emotional, loving, hating, laughing, crying, rejoicing… We can change and we change a lot, still the above stays true: we are individuals, with emotions and unique experiences and skill sets. A lot of the present systems named above have a tendency to try and equalize people. Everyone is the same, so he or she is treated the same. This makes no sense at all to me and it frustrates me immensely.

I believe in human potential.


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And human potential can only be lived if we give it the room to flourish and blossom. This needs systems that adapt to the people, the situation and their correlation. Processes need to be designed in a way that automatically adapts to these factors. Right now this is happening in some organizations and is widely lived in family settings.

These systems perceive and value people as subjects.

They give them the possibility to connect and belong, to be valued and to grow. I have a dream. I have a dream that one day our systems will facilitate people in their unique value and beauty,

that in every system we will be seen as human beings first and foremost.

Because this is what connects us. We are all human, every single one of us. And connection is half of our life.

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