My latest Failure aka Learning Opportunities

If you happened to read yesterday’s blog entry on what people thank me for you might have stopped reading after two paragraphs being totally frustrated. Man did I let you and me down. There I was babbling for at least 500 words about everything in the world instead of getting to the point and just answering the question. If I happened to come upon a blog post that takes hours to come to the content indicated in the title I probably would have quit way before ever reaching that part of the article. I get it, I totally understand and I am sorry to have burdened you with this step of my own development.

It is an amazing learning opportunity for me.

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I have had high expectations of myself from the start. I didn’t just want to write a blog post. I wanted to connect with people and help them. And then I got all those writing prompts to write about myself. On top of that I was supposed to publish it. The part of myself that I followed into this challenge was totally happy and motivated. Finally I am going to not only write but also publish my thoughts. If every part would have been this enthusiastic I probably would have started this blog years ago. That I didn’t shows the truth of all the parts that warn me about this endeavor. It is a risk. I could get criticized or hurt. I could fall short of my own expectations.

In one word: fear.

The writing prompts promoted this fear. I am supposed to write about personal stuff? The deep stuff? You really want me to be open and vulnerable with people I haven’t met or ever seen in my life? Wow! It’s a challenge. A challenge I almost missed to recognize. I have read all of Brené Browns books and love every one of them. I love her work and have learned so much about shame, fear as well as their counterparts empathy and vulnerability. As Brené has indicated in all her books the journey of vulnerability is a lifelong endeavor. So I am grateful for this opportunity to open up and be vulnerable.

I am grateful for my life being such an amazing trainer and mentor.

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For anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation I can recommend Brené’s advice to talk to yourself as a best friend. Be the person to have your own back. If we jump we might fall. It is even very probable that we will fall. The important part is that we get up again and by doing so learn about ourselves and grow.

I wish you all the best for any adventure you are embarking upon and the courage to tell your story from the heart. Please feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me.

2 thoughts on “My latest Failure aka Learning Opportunities

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    Marlene - 18. November 2015

    Oh this explains it SO well! I’ve also felt like this at times. Hence the reason for joining the Blog Challenge too! I’ve started this week, so I’ll see you on the Group Page 🙂
    I’m repurposing a blog that has stagnated for a while just to try to start writing again. Have struggled with a bit of mental burnout for a while. Time to get back to my passion!
    …and stuff the fear…*grin*

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      Maren - 18. November 2015

      Hej Marlene,

      thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, I appreciate it a lot!
      I love the name of your blog. When figuring out how to call mine my starting point was “I see you”, too =). I wish you all the best with getting back to your passion again and am looking forward to drop by your blog to read about it.

      Love, Maren

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