How it started and beyond

It all started with a final nudge in my inbox.


It’s not that I haven’t had many prompts to start writing a blog. Molood, one of my best friends, has told me to do it over and over and over again.

In my case Scott Dinsmore is right saying that the best opportunity to start a blog is long gone and the second best is to start it now. Having missed the best opportunity I am now going with the second best.

Why do I want to write a blog?

You. You are the reason I want to write a blog.  I am so grateful that you are here and I hope to have the honor of you spending some time putting down your stories and thoughts to share with me.

I hope to enrich your life by connecting to you, conversing with you, becoming friends with you. Thank you for giving me this chance.

Thank you for taking the time to read my questions and thoughts and thank you even more for sharing yours!

My story

My passion are people, the way they think, communicate, love, learn, their cultures and communities. I love connecting, listening, learning and being of service to others.

I learned how precious time spend with loved ones is when my father died at a very young age. Since then I have asked myself how I want to live my life.

A very interesting question with many answers. One of my answers is to collect amazing memories and moments shared with amazing people.

My favorite way to do so is to couch surf and meet new people around the globe.

Maybe I will meet you soon and we can share some food and stories.

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